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This is my caparison between Shakespeare use of langue and the choice of langue used to write WW1 poems. I will use Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus and poems by Wilfred Owen and others witch the teacher has given me.
Shakespeare langue can be a Tung twister when people try and read his plays especially when the people doing so isn’t used to this form of speech. In his play Titus Andronicus witch by the way it was the first play of its genre many different langue techniques are used such as: metaphors, emotions and many more. However in the world war one poems you can see the langue itself used is different from the langue that Shakespeare used in his play.
To start with I am going to talk about a poem wrote by Wilfred Owen called “Dulce et Decorum est.” the Arthur uses a wide range of techniques to get his emotions and thoughts across to the reader. “Gas! Gas! Quick boys!—an ecstasy of fumbling, fitting the clumsy helmets just in time.” What the writer has done here is Wilfred Owen has managed to put across the shear panic at this prices moment into the reader head with just a few words the reader is now imaging what this must be like.
“As under a green sea, I saw him drowning” this is a metaphor Wilfred Owen is referring to the gas bombs smoke as a sea witch it isn’t but doing this affects the reader and makes them think deeply about this saturation and what Wilfred Owen at the time must of felt like watching a college drown in a cloud of green smoke. Then Wilfred Owen goes on and writes “he plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning” this is good because at the moment where the reader is intrigued to find out whether or not the college died Wilfred Owen relives the reader of his worries by using a wide range of descriptions to describe the state of his fellow soldier. “Many had lost their boots but limped on” this quote from the poem shows the reader the dedication and bravery of the troops in the trenches also this puts an image of the living conditions of the trenches if people had lost their boots.
Siegfried Sassoon’s poem gets off to a totally different start straight away the reader is faced with a writing technique used by millions of famous writers this is known as a reticule question. Writers like this one use this to catch the readers mind and straight away get them thinking. The question in hand is “does it matter?-losing your leg?” it’s almost like the symbol – is there to add a break to add to the thoughts of the reader.
Siegfried Sassoon also said “you can, and forget, and be glad, and no one will say you’re mad” by this I think Siegfried is trying to say the memories from the war are so violent you will just want to drink alcohol and forget about the past and no one will call you mad that’s my interpretation, what’s yours?. This is like encourage meant for the soldiers who fought for your country. “For they’ll know that you fought for your country, and no one will worry a bit”. This is saying to me everyone respects your for you honour to the country and now it’s time by the payback by no one calling you crazy or mad or even worry about you.
Siegfried Sassoon also has another poem called “how to die” how do you die? “The dying soldier shifts his head to watch the glory that returns.” This quote is from the first couple of sentences this shows that even though the soldier is in pain he can still watch his fellows return with victory and full of glory this shows the passion the soldiers has within each other to support each every soldier on the battle field.
Shakespeare was more a play writer them a poem writer but you often encountered some plays that used some poetry techniques to add to the plays dramatic experience I’m not going to talk about any type of play only one in specific witch is “Titus Andronicus” the first play of its genre so you can imaging the shock for the public when the read of watched the play.
MRAC: this what thy daughter
TITUS: why, Marcus, she so is.
LUCUS: ay I, this object kills me!
The script above is extracted from a scene witch discussed most people Titus beloved daughter was raped, had her hands cut off also had her Tung cut out so she couldn’t tell people. You can tell by the word “object” that is used by Lucus that the sight is terrifying but also Shakespeare also done this to make the audience agree with him. Compared to seeing the play and reading it, witch I’ve done both, you can really see and hear the difference because when you watch the play you can hear that the langue has been changed to make it easier for people to listen to. Shakespeare also has a wide range of other techniques that he can use to make the audience agree with him feel emotions. As a writer this was a great skill for.
The directors of the play had to modify the text bit to make it modern and understandable for the audiences but on the other hand this was a great experience to see both the play and read his original copy of the play because other the years the play has been edited but seeing both the modern play and reading the play had a great advantage for because when I was reading the play I didn’t understand certain words then going to see the play filled in the parts that I didn’t understand and gave me a better understanding of the langue Shakespeare used when writing plays.
The war poems compared with Shakespeare, the poems are more emotional and relay history about the war E.G. Wilfred Owens poem when he writes “Gas! Gas! Quick boys!—an ecstasy of fumbling, fitting their clumsy helmets just in time” within a couple of words in to the sentence the reader is feeling emotions and imaging what this saturation would be like and thinking of all the world war one soldiers
Although there might be many difference’s Shakespeare and the poetry have many things in common .E.G. Wilfred Owen says “As under a green sea, I saw him drowning” here Wilfred Owen is using a common technique called metaphor, he is referring to the gas grenade being a green sea also Shakespeare uses this when he writes “Ay me, this object kills me!” here Shakespeare refers to Titus’s daughter being an object not human this is another use of the common langue technique called metaphor. Shakespeare also used another metaphor when he writes “there for I must tell my sorrows to the stones, who, they cannot answer my distress, yet in some sort they are better than the tribunes” in the this quote Shakespeare is saying that stones are like tribunes but in some format they are better because they listen to Titus’s sorrows and that they will not intercept his tale, and that when Titus begins to weep the stones seem to join him in his moment of sadness. Also Wilfred Owen uses metaphors in his poem anthem for a doomed youth “No mockeries now for them, no prayers nor bells, nor any voices of mourning choirs” this technique is known as an extended metaphor because he is comparing a funeral to a death on the battle field in detail because at a funeral there are many crying and bells ringing and the voices of the sorrow songs the choir sings but on the battle field the loud foundering noises of the machine guns the soldiers use carry’s on even though their bodies are full of sadness and sorrow

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Notes on Emotions

1. Identify an emotion prevalent in one/both text.
2. List methods/techniques used to strengthen this emotion.
3. provide quotation’s from each text to support your point
4. Explain whether these methods are the same or different between the play or poems.
5. Make your comparison clear and sharp so the examiner understands what you are trying to put across.

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Titus andronicus act 2 Scene 2

Titus and his sons wait outside the emperor’s palace and prepare for a day of hunting.

Titus says he didn’t sleep well last night but he has a feeling it’s going to be a good day.

Saturninus cracks a joke about how it’s way too early in the morning for newly married ladies to be awake (since they’re probably exhausted from the all the previous night’s steamy activities)
Lavinia announces that she’s not tired at all – in fact, she’s been awake for hours.

They all think that Lavinia is tired and shouldn’t be awake because the activities she would have been up to last night as a newly married laddie

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Act 1

After the death of the Emperor of Rome, his two sons, Saturninus and Bassianus, ask the masses to determine who should succeed to the throne. The first back up is his natural rights as the first-born son, the second calls upon his virtue and graciousness. They are silenced by the Tribune of the People, Marcus Andronicus, who announces that the people of Rome have elected to the throne Titus Andronicus, a great general who has spent the last ten years and lost twenty-one sons vanquishing Rome ‘s enemies. Titus enters to great fanfare, trailed by four living sons and two in coffins; he brings with him the captives Tamora, Queen of the Goths, her three sons, and Aaron the Moore. Despite a desperate plea from Tamora, Titus orders, following Roman custom, that Tamora’s oldest son be ritually sacrificed in exchange for Titus’s own dead offspring.

Act 2

Alone in front of the Senate-house, Aaron delivers a soliloquy (a long speech that reveals a character’s innermost thoughts to the audience) about Tamora’s rise to power in Rome. Since Tamora and Aaron are longtime secret lovers, Aaron is hoping to benefit from Tamora’s new status as Rome’s imperial first lady. Aaron also brags that, since Tamora is basically his love slave, he’ll soon be in a position to destroy Rome. (Aaron never really explains why he wants to do this.)

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My Theam study is about spy movies and books. I will talk about how the books and movies link together on the subject of spy’s then I will talk about the differences so how both the books and movies look different on the daily life and death situlTionns of a 21st century spy

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The ad’s intention is to get people to get people to stop smoking and put the harm across of smoking to the people that smoke.

One of the technique’s used is that he has has used a slogan to scare people whenever they take a puff he has put across that every puff you have of a fag it kills you this is done by him saying “A puff of of death sir?” This a great way to get people to quit smoking using slogans like this. He’s even used a slogan that has been used to convince people before “smoking harms you and others around you”.

The audience he’s trying to put this ad across to is people that smoke this ad might not be in effect to some but this might have an effect on people that want to quit.

The ad has a few problems such as: this no real info on the real effect that smoking has on you and what quitting smoking could help you with in the future such as money problems.
People seeing this ad would want to know we’re to go to get this help and what quitting involves such as the Nicolette products available to you to make this a lot easier on you and less stress full.

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English assessment

As the sun light hit the high block of flats in southeast London dark shadows was created people would start to wonder what was lurking in these dark mystic shadows.
What was it? The people next door would start to look out their door and by the look on their faces you could tell they was thinking deeply or maybe even too deep about what was lurking in the shadow.
The people next door to me would start saying things like there’s a terrorist in the shadow waiting to kill us this would bring terror into the block of flats. This sounds a bit too far fetched for there to be a terrorist in the block of flats in the hidden block based in the center of southeast London. This one dark mystic shadow has got families from every house on the floor of flats wondering and thinking what could be in this shadow.
Well what is it? No one knows what is in the shadow I overheard someone say there was a freedom fighter. If this aint right what is the right word for what’s in the shadow.
When the sun went down the dark shadow would disappear this would lead to more discussion between the people that lived in the flats.
The shadow reappeared the next morning first thing.so what is hiding in the shadow outside my door? A boy who looked like mine. Fear struck thru his face when I opened my door to invite him in. he steadily walked towards my door the boy took his shoes off and come in sat down on the sofa. It was my son lurking in the shadow. I have found the right word to describe what was lurking in the shadow this news started to get passed around the people who lived in the block of flats hidden in the centre of London.
The block would awake to yet another shadow formed by the sun light hitting the block of flats. By 11am the hole row of flats on the floor would be out wondering what the this dark mystic shadow had lurking in it today.
Well what was lurking in the shadow today. No one knows what the shadow had installed today. People would go so close up to the shadow to see but no one could see what was lurking in there people would run away from the shadow claiming that some think or someone try touch them or they have seen some think move inside the shadow.
Well I guess it’s down to me again to find out what was in the shadow today. So I started to try think what could it be maybe I was thinking to deeply into what was it. I came up with idea that in the shadow there was an animal. This sounds all a bit too far-fetched for there to be an animal in a block in south east London.
I started getting more desperate to find out what was in the shadow. In the shadow I could see an outline of a tall skinny body. I’ve got this now in the shadow was the janitor of the block of flats cleaning the floor. All this for a janitor cleaning floors.
People would still wonder what was creating these mystic shadows on this one floor of the blocks. I’ve told everyone that its caused by the sun light hitting the side of the building but no one believes me they all think there’s some think else causing the shadows to be formed. If so what is forming these shadows. Some sort of spirit or demon. This whole thing is far-fetched for a demon or spirit to be in a block of flats in south east London. This maybe because I don’t believe in spirits or demons.

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The shadow description
Out your door lurking in the shadow is a terrorist.
In the shadow is a homeless person taking shelter
No what’s the right description in the shadow is a lonely person wanting help
Hold on I’ve got this now hiding away in the shadow is a young freedom fighter
NO I haven’t got this right still no words could describe what is lurking in the shadow.

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In the dark shadows you can see a free-fighter no that’s wrong what’s the right work?

In the shadows you can hear a hostile militant

You can see a child in the shadows that looks like yours.you open your door,come in you say,come in and eat with us. The child steps in carefully at your door takes his shoes off.

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The 1st paragraph

In the thick layer of fog stands an old power station with two men waiting patiently for the car to cross the bridge.

The white car had one man on ether side of the car waiting for the white car with dark black windows to drive past.

The background had an old tall standing building with a thick layer of misty fog making the building look even older and spooky like this building is a place of darkness and mysteries.

A man with a dog stood just before the gate and the small office security block and in the corner just in front of the man you can see the traffic light controlling the traffic passing past the spooky dark foggy building.


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